Your dog loves to wander, don’t worry. Now, you can set a virtual border for him with GPS Dog Fences. Welcome to the right place for selecting the best of the best for your dog.

While looking for the GPS Dog Fence, the prior demands are ‘that it should be wireless and cover more area so it would be helpful to keep their dog in range’. We have enlisted Best GPS Dog Fences with advanced features by keeping in view the requirements of the majority.

Want to make a quick decision?

You can consider ‘‘DT Systems, Border Patrol TC1 Electronic Dog Collar Add On Receiver’’ as it provides exciting features like long E-Fence Range, Warning Notifications, Long Battery, etc. It is one of the best options to choose at an affordable price.

Best GPS Dog Fence

Here we have cataloged best GPS Dog Fence along with the details about their features, pros and cons, reviews and further details for your assistance. Everyone has its priorities for buying stuff, you can find by going through the list where your priorities lie and which model suits you best.

Have a look at the table for finding the difference between the specification and price of each model.

Models Range Price
DT Systems, Border Patrol TC1 Electronic Dog Collar Add On Receiver  15 to 800 yd Check price
Sport DOG Brand Hound Hunter 3225 Remote Trainer 2 miles Check price
Dog Expedition TC1 Border Patrol GPS System and Remote Trainer, Black Finish Up to 800 yd Check price
Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar 9 miles Check price
Angela Kerry Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS 850 yd Check price
Sport DOG Brand TEK Series GPS Tracking Systems with E-Collar Option 10 miles Check price
Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle, 9 miles Check price
  1. DT Systems, Border Patrol TC1 Electronic Dog Collar Add On Receiver

If you want to keep track of your dog and set a virtual border for him, Dog Expedition presents DT Systems, Border Patrol TC1 Electronic Dog Collar Add On Receiver for you. By using this you can view the track of your dog up to the exciting range of 800 yards efficiently. If you want to go for a walk with your dog or want to camp in the jungle, DT Systems Border TC1 will be proved as the best companion for you to look over your dog.

The DT Systems Border Patrol TC1 provides Features like 50 levels of stimulation for the training purposes with the variation in intensity. Considering the battery life, it varies from 12-24 hours based on settings. The collar is designed for waterproof and rechargeable. If you have more than one dog then no need to worry as it is expandable up to 5 dogs. If your pet is in some danger, there is a feature of warning zone notification. The presence of a dog in a warning zone will be notified to you by vibration or audible beep.

Following are the Specs of DT Systems, Border Patrol TC1 Electronic Dog Collar Add On Receiver:

  • GPS e-Fence mode with a range from 15-800 yards
  • Weighs 10.0 oz
  • 3.25 x 1.75 x 1.75 inches
  • 27-inch belt
  • Battery life: 12-24 hours
  • 2-mile range remote e-collar

By using DT Systems, Border Patrol TC1 you can track and train your dog easily. Visiting or Relocating to a new place won’t result in losing a path for your dog. So without any delay buy it now for the safety and best experience because its features make it worth considering.


  • GPS wireless fence System
  • GPS Tracker
  • Remote Stimulation System for Dog
  • Maximum Control


  • It can only be used for larger dogs breed because it only weighs 35+ pounds dogs.
  1. Sport DOG Brand Hound Hunter 3225 Remote Trainer

For choosing a safe preferred zone Sport DOG Brand has introduced Sport DOG Brand Hound Hunter 3225 Remote Trainer for your hunting dogs. By using this you can efficiently train your dogs for tracking and chasing. By providing your range of 2 miles for the control of your dog, it provides a bonus feature for you. Now you can keep track and control of 6 dogs and hence proved as one of the best controllers on hunting dogs.

Sport DOG Brand Hound Hunter 3225 Remote Trainer provides Features like 7 level of training with high, medium and low ranges. Moreover, you can train your dog by calling any momentary, vibration, tone and color code. It provides you an excellent battery timing of 40-60 hours and takes 2 hours to be fully charged. With an ability of waterproof and submergible, all of its features prove it best as you a training companion for your hunting dog.

Specs of Sport DOG Brand Hound Hunter 3225 Remote Trainer are discussed below:

  • E-Collar with 2 Miles range
  • Transmitter’s dial for the selection of training level
  • Submergible up to 25 feet
  • Long term battery
  • For dog weighs 8 pounds or larger
  • Collar size 5’22’’

Sport DOG Brand Hound Hunter is reliable for training, tracking and trailing your hunting dogs. So buy the product now and enjoy the thrilling experience of hunting and outdoor activities with your dogs.


  • Excellent stimulation system
  • E-collar for switching between dogs
  • Transmit signals regardless of obstacles


  • It is only for the dogs who weigh 8 pounds or more
  1. Dog Expedition TC1 Border Patrol GPS System and Remote Trainer

If you are looking forward to the best suitable device in terms of safety and comfortableness for your dog. You are in the right place because Dog Expedition TC1 Border Patrol GPS System and Remote Trainer, Black Finish serves as a remote training agent as well as a tracker for your dog. While covering the area up to 800 yards, it provides you the best GPS based containment system which is fully portable and wireless. So now you can track your dear pet and train it according to your own will easily.


By using it, you can experience impressing Features like 50 levels of stimulation which can train your dog in an episodic manner efficiently. The stimulation can be done by using nicks, vibration or audible beep makes your dog a well-trained pet.

Some of the Specs of the above-described product are as follows:

  • Range up to 800 miles
  • Wireless
  • Portable

If you want to go outside on a picnic, walk or visit with your dog it will be easiest to track your dog, So go grab this product to enjoy the real peace about your dog safety whether you are sat home or camping.


  • Surround the range
  • Stimulation System
  • Additional E-Collar
  • Highly portable system


  • There are claims of inconsistent performance
  1. Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar

Do you have more dogs than one? To train them is an issue? Now there is no need to worry about it. Garmin has introduced Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar. T5 Collar is proving to be an ideal collar for hunting dogs because it is providing top mount and high sensitive GPS and GLONASS receiver which gives you a sensitive navigation experience for tracking your dogs up to 9 miles.

There’s an extended range antenna for the signal transmission made up of Tough braided steel, so if you are on the hunt with your dog, the antennas can bear all the abuse.

The collar can be connected with the models of GPS Dog Fence like Alpha 100, Astro 430, etc. It provides continuous location updates minimum after every 2.5 seconds but this time update time affects battery timing, as battery timing varies with the set update timing.

For example for the timing of the updates of 2.5 seconds, the battery life would be 24 hours. But as we increased the timing of the updates to the 120-second update rate, the battery timing will also be increased to 48 hours.

Moreover, there’s a feature of Rescue Mode which u can turn on. It is beneficial in the way that if the battery reaches 25%, the Rescue Mode will be on and changes the update rate to 2 min. One of its key features is it is waterproof and water-rated to the depth of 10 meters.

The collar has LED lights, the visibility of these lights is up to 100 yards. The collar also has a USB port for the transfer of data.

Its Specs are as follows:

 Weight along with collar strap and antenna is 9.3 oz

 Variety in the colors of the collar strap

 1″ wide collar strap

 It fits the neck sizes between 13-inches and 22-inches

 22 1/2″ steel braided antenna for an efficient navigation

Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar clearly shows the advancements in technology, It provides you best tracker by its excellent navigation system, the updates timer, and rescue mode makes the product more reliable. After analyzing its features and specs, one can easily conclude that the product is worth spending money.


  • GPS/GLONASS tracking with increased sensitivity
  • Efficient battery timing
  • Nylon “Glo” Collar Strap


  • A hand-held device is not included in the product
  • It does not have bark detection


  1. Angela Kerry Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS

With the advancement in the field of technology, wireless dog fence systems have taken the place of traditional fence system to keep your dogs in range. Angela Kerry Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS is one of the modern efficient fence systems which use a GPS to navigate your dog even with the interference of obstacles.

For using this system, all u have to do is to set the range for your dog. It does not require any transmitter or remote for control, everything is just built in its collar which makes it is easy to use. Waterproof and Auto Rechargeable collar serves as an extra feature for the system. Waterproof technology saves the system

Following are the specs of Angela Kerry Wireless Dog Fence System

  • Range of 20 meters – 800 meters
  • Also cover 0.3-496 acre area in a circle
  • Dogs weigh 15 pounds to 120 pounds
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof

Angela Kerry Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS offers safe outdoor playtime for your dog as it provides excellent GPS tracking and great coverage with a long battery time. So your dogs can’t be misplaced or harmed. All these features suggest that it would be a better option if you are looking for the best GPS dog fence.



  • Accurate Navigation by GPS
  • Integrated function in a collar
  • Great range up to 800 meter


  • Heavy for small dogs (weigh below 20 pounds)


  1. Sport DOG Brand TEK Series GPS Tracking Systems with E-Collar Option

Are u tired of finding the most suitable GPS Dog Fence? Here we have a product of its kind which may meet your standards. In this search, most of the designs gone through by your eyes would be about E-collar training system or GPS tracking but Sport Dog Brand has joined both these features in a single product.

The interface will show yours and your dog location by GPS/GLONASS. The range for tracking and training is 10 miles. It saves your last 20 waypoints and uses them for your further assistance. The E-Collar is expandable up to 21 collars. The inbuilt maps and updates never let you misguided. The most exciting feature of this product is its stimulation levels. The 99 stimulation levels will train your dog by using vibration or audible beep options. Handheld device and collar both are waterproof. The handheld device is submersible up to 5 feet and the collar is submersible up to 25 feet.

Long battery timing, handheld device battery lasts in 12 hours whereas the collar battery lasts in 24 hours. Bluetooth compatibility and USB cables make it more efficient.

Specs of Sport DOG Brand TEK Series GPS Tracking Systems with E-Collar Option are given below:

  • Range 10 miles
  • Neck Size 10.75” -23”
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • More than a dog weighs 8 pounds
  • Long term battery

Sport DOG Brand TEK Series GPS Tracking Systems with E-Collar Option is emerging as a versatile product covering each and every aspect that aimed to be in an advanced GPS Dog Fence. It’s every feature convinces you to be accepted it worth buying.


  • GPS/GLONASS navigation
  • Built-in maps and saved waypoints make finding the routes easier
  • Track up to 21 expandable collars
  • 99 stimulation stages


  • There are claims about inconsistent scenarios
  1. Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle, Includes Handheld and TT 15 Dog Device

Your pets love to be a part of outdoor activities because nature made him free. So why do we restrained them from this freedom? For the solution of this problem, Garmin has introduced Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle, Includes Handheld and TT 15 Dog Device, Multi-dog Tracking GPS and Remote Training Device in One.

The product brought features like setting up a virtual border for your dog. If the dog crosses the boundary, the alert will be popped so you can quickly get him back. By compass, it tracks the dog direction. You can also track a dog’s speed and distance covered by him. The in-built map will show all the routes it will follow.

The features provided by the product is not only for one dog, you can track and train more than 20 dogs. The levels of stimulation provided by the product are 20 which can be controlled either via a vibration or audibly. Long battery life up to 20 hours, rescue mode(turns on when the battery reaches 25%) and LED lights make the experience of your outdoor activities and hunting more enjoyable and safe.

One of the new features introduced by the product is that during activities like hunting you can keep in touch with your companions via your handhelds by making your handheld visible for other handhelds.

Specs of the product are mentioned below:

  • Sensitive GPS/GLONASS navigation
  • Preloaded maps
  • 20 Stimulations level
  • Long battery life
  • 1-inch black collar strap
  • 3’’ screen display
  • 13 inches extended range antennas

The safety standards provided by the product are highly satisfactory. By relying on features like sensitive GPS/GLONASS navigation and in-built map, the probability of harm reduced to a minimum. If someone is looking for the best GPS Dog Fence, he should surely consider it.


  • Get in touch with your buddies
  • In-built maps don’t let you misguided
  • Rescue Mode


  • Re-programming required after every charge
  • Small screen display

Buying Guide

Safety of Dog matters for every owner, for this reason, they need a complete tracking of their dogs and when it comes to the training of the dog, everyone looks for a product that can be proved as the best training companion but with the advancements in technology every product seems to be innovative in terms of its features that can confuse any buyer. Here are some key futures we have gathered as a buying guide for you that you should keep in mind for deciding which GPS Dog Fence is best.


To set virtual boundaries for your dog, the most important thing is range. Short-range results in shorter boundaries and vice versa. So go with the product having an efficient range as it will result in tracking the distance up to a great distance.

GPS/GLONASS navigation:

Choose the product with sensitive GPS and GLONASS navigation as it makes tracking accurate and stable throughout the range. Then GPS/GLONASS will provide you real-time position velocity and direction of your dog regardless of interferences like obstacles as it is directly connected to the satellite.

Stimulation Stages:

For the best training, choose the product with more stimulation stages. More stimulation stages result in better training of a dog. Training matters a lot when you have a hunting dog because of better training results in a better hunt.

Battery Timing:

You will surely not want to lose tracking or control on your dog. If you don’t want to face such a situation choose the product with good battery timing. Give priority to the products having rescue mode in it, so it will control battery consumption and you will stay in contact with your dog for more time.


Almost all GPS Dog Fence has a notification option in it. While buying, you should keep this feature in mind as it is helpful in the way that if your dog will cross the boundary or will be in danger, it will notify you.

Water Proof:

Another important thing that u should consider is Waterproof. In case of rain or diving, if your product is not waterproof, the collar in the neck of the dog will prove as wastage.

These Features will lead you to choose the Best GPS Dog Fence